Wednesday, 19 June 2024

8.00-9.15 Registration
9.15-9.45 Welcome Speeches

Keynote Speakers
Chair: M. Loizidou, K. Moustakas, D. Malamis

Carsten Rasmussen, DG Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission
How can Greece become a European leader in sustainable waste management?
Challenges and opportunities related to EU legislation and EU funding

Arnoldas Milukas, European Research Executive Agency – European Commission
EU Research and Innovation: New Funding Opportunities for the Circular Economy

Nicolas Abatzoglou, Université de Sherbrooke
A novel solid waste autothermal pyrolysis and reformer platform to produce carbon nanofilaments: Operation, Results and Industrial transferability

Stephen Smith, Imperial College London
Properties over Process: Why understanding the properties of waste materials is critical to treatment and recovery – PDF

Irini Angelidaki, Technical University of Denmark
Emerging biotechnologies for CO2 capture

MSW management I
Experience of local authorities in waste management
Chair: C. Rasmussen, M. Loizidou, G. Kremlis
11.45-12.00 M. Loizidou
Waste management in Cyprus – Central Facilities and their challenges
12.00-12.15 THALIS E.S S.A, G. Koufodimos
Engineering, Construction & Operations Director Investing in the circular economy: Challenges and opportunities
12.15-12.30 M. Geranis
Circular Economy: From theory to practice
12.30-12.45 N. Aggelopoulos
Waste management in Peloponnese Region
12.45-13.00 J. Constantinidou
LIFE-IP CYzero WASTE: Intelligent monitoring and efficient waste reduction in Cyprus Island
13.00-13.15 Ε. Tritopoulou
PAYT in Municipality of Aradippou – An integrated approach (LIFE IP CyZero Waste)
13.15-13.30 G. Michalopoulos
Adaptation of MBT plants to the RRF concept – Challenges and prospects in MESOGEOS projects
13.30-13.45 P. Gkouvousis
The technological versatility of the Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) plant of Western Macedonia. Conversion of the Mixed waste composting unit to a Biodrying unit for the production of secondary fuel
14.00-14.15 K. Bormpoudaki
HORIZON-MISS-2022-OCEAN-01-03: Mediterranean Sea basin lighthouse – Actions to prevent, minimize and remediate chemical pollution (iMermaid). Use case 5: Demonstration of innovative solutions for the removal of organic contaminants from landfill leachate
14.15-14.30 E. Choleva, C. Raptis, J. Misailidis, T. Tsevas
Green smart circular economy in our cities
Circular Economy & Symbiosis Networks
Chair:A. B. Ribeiro, P. Sospiro, D. Hidalgo, D. San Martin
11.45-12.00 S. Ahmed, M. C. Liscio, P. Sospiro
Organisational Life Cycle Assessment: A state of the art – PDF
12.00-12.15 S. Ahmed, M. C. Liscio, A. Pelaggi, P. Sospiro
Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounting: Review and Application in the Italian Glass Industry – PDF
12.15-12.30 G. Sanchez, J.C. Fernandez, J. Hereza, Q. Farras, E.Abacete, W. Naessens, J.R.Vazquez-Padin, R. Caceres, C. Biel
Intensive treatment of waste effluents and conversion into useful sustainable outputs: biogas, nutrients and water- Life Infusion project – PDF
12.30-12.45 M. Landrat, M. Lewandowski, K. Pikon
Potential of using hemp as an accumulator of heavy metals and a raw material for the production of bioconcrete – a review – PDF
12.45-13.00 J. Almeida, E. P. Mateus, A. B. Ribeiro
Circular economy perspective for critical raw materials valorization and hydrogen production from secondary resources – PDF
13.00-13.15 A. Luciano, M. La Monica, R. Spada, A. Tecci, L. Cutaia
Resource audit and industrial symbiosis: application to a high-performance bifacial photovoltaic modules GigaFactory – PDF
13.15-13.30 M. Fardafshari, M. Rahmati, B. Kaviani
Implementation of circular economy to achieve sustainability through the management of industrial waste at Mobarakeh Steel Complex; focus on securing essential raw materials – PDF
13.30-13.45 G. Mancini, A. Luciano, L. Lombardi, L. Gurreri, D. Fino
Boosting agro-industrial districts development through the IS-based waste-wastewater- energy nexus – PDF
13.45-14.00 Fan Zhang, A. Cannone Falchetto, Di Wang, Weina Wang
Reuse of Industrial Slags for Microwave Deicing of Asphalt Roads: A Solid Waste Disposal Solution and Circular Economy Example – PDF
14.00-14.15 S.C. Gölboylu, S.S. Akın, B. Akata
Synthesis of Zeolites from Class C and Class F Fly Ash Through Alkali Fusion: Focus on The Role of Main Impurities on Zeolite Formation – PDF
14.15-14.30 C. Mohan, A. P. Annachhatre, A. Kumar Dikshit
Utilization of Himalayan Pine Needles for Sustainable Environmental Practices and Energy Recovery- A Circular Economy Approach – PDF
14.30-14.45 M. Kumar Awasthi
Resource recovery and biorefinery potential of apple waste towards to circular bioeconomy – PDF
Solar technologies to enable and encompass
sustainability and circularity in the energy sector
Chair: N. Tsongidis, R. Davoudnejad, B. Akata
11.45-12.00 F. Galliou, G. Sabathianakis, G. Christoforakis, M. Sabathianakis, C. Bouki, A. Papadaki, N. Markakis, G. Daskalakis, T. Manios
Solar Drying: a starting point for various waste utilization processes – PDF
12.00-12.15 D. Kuzyaka, Ö. Yalçın, R. Çelik, T. Özden
Fostering Sustainable Agriculture: Innovations in Smart Irrigation, AgriPV, and Rainwater Harvesting – PDF
12.15-12.30 S. Piravadili, A.O. Kodolbas, O. Yilmaz, Ç. Yildirim, E. Aydin
Implementing Sustainable Solutions in Turkey: Addressing Solar Panel Waste Management for a Green Future – PDF
12.30-12.45 S.C. Gölboylu, R. Davoudnezhad, B. Akata
Fluoride Ions Removal from Photovoltaic Industry Wastewater by FAU Zeolite Synthesized from Coal Fly Ash – PDF
12.45-13.00 N.I. Tsongidis, C.A. Poravou, C. Lekkos, G. Karagiannakis, B. Ulkutasir, D. Baker, O. Taylan
Hydrothermal liquefaction of agri-food waste: Concentrated solar thermal coupling with a sensible heat storage system – PDF
13.00-13.15 O. Spyroglou, A. Koumpis
Accelerating Solar Energy Ecosystems through Open Innovation: the paradigm of SolarHub EU Project – PDF
13.15-13.30 P. Pasabeyoglu, G. Moumin, B. Akata
Solar calcination of non-metallic minerals: metakaoline production to synthesize zeolites – PDF
13.30-13.45 Y. Kadohiro, E. Prats-Salvado, J.H.S. Martins, D. Dimitrakis, D. Thomey, N. Monnerie, C. Sattler, J. Michels, I. Pfeifer, M. Kürten
Energy demand analysis of a practical solar hybrid sulfur cycle: the HySelect project – PDF
13.45-14.00 G. Skyfta, A. Bakratsa, C. Poravou, V. Zacharopoulou, N. Tsongidis, K. Votis, G. Karagiannakis, D. Dimitrakis, C. Agrafiotis, D. Thomey, M. Roeb, C. Sattler, S. Sau, A. Tizzoni, S. Harth, D. Trimis, C. Kentri, S. Boghosian, I. Shvets, Y.L. Chiew, M. Zackrisson, J. Vieten, P.-F. Mougard-Camacho, P. Vespa
Solar-aided Thermochemical Cycle using Sulphur as an Energy Vector – PDF
14.00-14.15 S. Nold, A. A. Khan, A. Zindel, M. Hermle, E. Ionescu
Analysis of the Global Warming Potential of Scalable Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells – PDF
14.15-14.30 K. Fotiadis, G. Karagiannakis, C. Pagkoura, N. Vlachos, V. Mitrousis. L. Chasapidis, C. Agrafiotis, M. Pein, A. Eltayeb, M. Roeb, A. K. Singh, Z. Cao, J. Gebbeken, T. Xie
High Temperature Redox Thermochemical Heat Storage in Solar-Thermal Plants and Energy Intensive Industrial Processes – PDF
Construction & Demolition Waste
Chair: A.P. Galvin, F. Cioli, A. López-Uceda
11.45-12.00 A. López-Uceda, A. Barbudo, S. Sorlini, R. Linares, A. P. Galvín
Influence of Sample Conditions in Leaching Tests on Pollutant Release of Recycled Aggregates from C&DW – PDF
12.00-12.15 F. Cioli, A. P. Galvín, S. Sorlini, M. Vaccari
Risk Assessment Applied to the Recovery of Recycled Aggregates for Quarry Backfilling Case Study in the Province of Brescia – PDF
12.15-12.30 P. García-Verde, R.-M. Ramírez-Zamora, B. Alcántar-Vázquez
Construction and demolition waste as a precursor to sustainable CO2 adsorbent materials – PDF
12.30-12.45 L. Acampora, G. Costa, F. Lombardi, F. Onorati, A. Paina, N. Tonol, A. Tornambé, A. Vecchio, I. Verginelli
Analysis of the environmental compatibility of the use of different types of recycled aggregates from C&D waste based on the results of leaching tests and risk assessment – PDF
12.45-13.00 A. Piccinali, I. Cavallotti, G. Plizzari, S. Sorlini
Case studies analysis on life cycle assessment of the production of recycled aggregates – PDF
13.00-13.15 E. Farinha, V. Sousa, C. Matos Silva
Rainwater runoff from green roofs with construction and demolition waste – PDF
13.15-13.30 C. Gutiérrez Palacios
Design of Integral Centers for Construction and Demolition Waste in Latinoamerican Countries – PDF
13.30-13.45 K. Özçelik, A.T. Çetinkaya, H. Güven, M. Altınbas, M. Z. Duman, O.A. Arıkan
Determination of Unit Area Debris Amounts After February 6, 2023 Earthquakes in Türkiye – PDF
MSW management II
Experience of local authorities in waste management
K. Moustakas, D.
Malamis, C. Dias-Ferreira
15.00-15.15 P. Fandel, E. Marišová
Efficiency assessment of solid waste management in municipalities of Slovakia incorporating waste targets information – a DEA AR-I approach – PDF
15.15-15.30 L. Rigamonti, M.J. Nichilo, G. Cavenago, M. Grosso
Quantification of the environmental benefits associated with a reuse centre in Italy – PDF
15.30-15.45 G. Hafner, D. Drissner
Food Waste in Private Households – Automated Monitoring, Self-Feedback, System Optimization, Nutrition Information & Reporting in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals (Smart Food BaWü) – PDF
15.45-16.00 A. Perdigão, C. Dias-Ferreira, R. L. Aguiar
Smart biowaste collection: the case for 5G technologies – PDF
16.00-16.15 M. Struk, J. Soukopová, E. Bakoš, D. Tóthová
Communication strategy for circular economy in the municipalities – PDF
16.15-16.30 L. Stocco, J. Slekiene, Trinh Thi Tuyet Dung, Vu Phuong Thao, Ngo Thi Thuy Huong, Le Thanh Thao, Hoang Thi Thu Huong, Nguyen Thi Dieu Phuong, Thi Hanh Tien Nguyen, C. Zurbrüg
Using Risks-, Attitudes-, Norms-, Abilities-, and Self- egulation (RANAS) approach to identify behavioural drivers of recyclables separation – PDF
16.30-16.45 S. De Meester
Textile recycling in Europe: does that mean end of waste? – PDF
16.45-17.00 K. Tsimaras
The Future Role of Renewable Gases, empowering mediterranean collaboration for acommon energy future – PDF
17.00-17.15 S. Giannaki, E. Lymperopoulou, A. Tsiga
Environmental Educational Program “Close the line” – PDF
17.15-17.30 V. Dimoulis An award-winning online guide to sustainable waste management for the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands – PDF
17.30-17.45 P. Nowakowski, M. Wala
Artificial intelligence supported separated waste collection to minimize costs and environmental impact in local communities – a Polish case study – PDF
17.45-18.00 A. Maly, S. Grebien, H. Bradl, F. Gra
On the acoustic difference of metal and glass when falling on an impact plate – PDF
18.00-18.15 A. Vannahme
Deposit Return Systems in the United States – PDF
18.15-18.30 S. Apostolou, A. Zafeirakou, A. Katsoulea, G. Perkoulidis, N. Moussiopoulos
Sustainable Management of Organic Waste: Evaluating the Potential of Hydrothermal Carbonization in the North Aegean Region, Greece – PDF
18.30-18.45 N. Kothris, V. Louka
Hazardous Medical Waste Management: Evaluation of the impact of COVID-19 on Medical Waste production & approach on the environmental footprint of Med Waste Management – PDF
18.45-19.00 M. P. B Castro, E. Henning, V. Grace Barros
Urban Health Planning Policies, Sanitation and Outbreaks: interfaces with Solid Waste Management – PDF
19.00-19.15 M. Koncagül, K. Özçelik, K. E. Maçin, M. Waqas, O. A. Arikan
The impact of COVID-19 on the waste amount and distribution in city hospitals of Turkey – PDF
19.15-19.30 D. Singh, A. Kumar Dikshit, S. Kumar
Performance analysis of municipal solid waste litter management scheme using on-site technical indicators in developing economies – PDF
19.30-19.45 B. De Pascale, P. Tataranni, A. Bonoli
Optimization of reclaimed asphalt pavement and recycled concrete aggregates in Cold Emulsified Porous asphalt mixture – PDF
Tools in the field of waste management
Chairs: D. Fino, F. Dilek, U. Yetis, P. G. Kougias
15.00-15.15 M. Abdulkareem, K. Grönman, L. Lombardi, S. Sobek, M. Kyriazi, G. Arcese, C. Elmo, A. Woszczek,
M. Khan, K. Moustakas, M. Horttanainen
LIFE-C – Educating non-environmental engineers on life cycle thinking and tools – PDF
15.15-15.30 L. Leucci, F. Demichelis, S. Bensaid, D. Fino
A sustainable way of producing carbon fiber reinforced plastic: LCA of recycled carbon fiber – PDF
15.30-15.45 E.I. Kose, F.B. Dilek
Evaluation of Best Available Techniques for the Selected Integrated Solid Waste Plant Using Life Cycle Assessment – PDF
15.45-16.00 F.B. Dilek, H. A. F. Rahmy, S. Nour El-Deen, F. Mohamed Abosamra, A. M. Khaled, D. San Martin, U. Yetis
Life Cycle Assessment of Valorizing Olive Cake Waste in Animal Feed Production – PDF
16.00-16.15 A. Porley Santana, J. Lacuesta, S. Gutiérrez Parodi
Decision making tool for industrial dairy sludge management: A real case study – PDF
16.15-16.30 G. A. Tsalidis, E. C. Nika, V. Vasilaki, E. Katsou
Assessing Ecosystem Services with Life Cycle Assessment: A Nature-Based Solution for Wastewater Treatment in Lesvos, Greece – PDF
16.30-16.45 J. Čespiva, J. Ryšavý, T. Ochodek
LCA Case Study: Solid Recovered Fuel for Energy Sector in Declining Coal Region: Part I: Environmental Burden of Solid Recovered Fuel Production – PDF
16.45-17.00 J. Ryšavý, J. Čespiva, T. Ochodek
LCA Case Study: Solid Recovered Fuel for Energy Sector in Declining Coal Region: Part II: Replacement of Coal Within the Regional Energy Strategy – PDF
17.00-17.15 L. Gurreri, G. Mancini, A. Luciano, M. Calanni, D. Bonanno, D. Fino
Sustainability of microalgal industries: meta-analysis and prospects for the development of a viable bio-economy – PDF
17.15-17.30 C.E. Orrego, C.A. Cardona, N. Salgado, J.D. Galvis, J.G Salcedo-Mendoza, J. Figueroa-Flórez
Enhancing Competitiveness in the Rice Value Chain through Biorefinery: A Sustainable and Strategic Approach – PDF
17.30-17.45 A. Tarek, F. Laviano, D. Fino, S. Perucchini, G. Cantoni, G. Schimperna, F. Rubertelli
The Use of Decision Support Systems for The Handling of E-Waste in a Circular Economy – PDF
17.45-18.00 R. Linares, C. Martínez-Ruedas, A. López-Uceda, A. P. Galvín
Implementing Sustainable Practices in Olive Oil Production Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) – PDF
18.00-18.15 A. Giuliano, M. Occhinegro, F. Todaro, M. Notarnicola
Integrated model to optimize the performance of mechanical biological treatment of municipal solid waste – PDF
18.15-18.30 S. Castelluccio, C. Comoglio, S. Fiore
Environmental impact assessment of municipal solid waste management and Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of system solution scenarios in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – PDF
18.30-18.45 X. Yan, A. Alahmary
Unveiling Government Strategies for waste reduction from development of a dynamic Optimization Framework based on Python – PDF
18.45-19.00 H. Rojosoa, S. dit Sadio Sidibe, M. Sawadogo, S. Koucka Ouimenga
Unveiling Government Strategies for waste reduction from development of a dynamic Optimization Framework based on Python – PDF
19.00-19.15 O.R Dada, B.D Ikotun
Harnessing the Benefits of Symbiotic Relationship between the Agricultural and Energy Sectors for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2 and 7 in Africa – PDF
19.15-19.30 J. Martusewicz, M. Łukaszewicz, K. Suchorski
Shaping Carbon Neutral Policy: Effective Sustainability Management through EFQM Model Implementation – A Case Study – PDF
Bioprocesses, Biorefineries in waste management
Chairs: C.A. Cardona Alzate, N. Abatzoglou, S. Fiore, S. Campanaro
15.00-15.15 D. Liakos, K. Triantafyllidis, L. Chrysikou, C. Kekes, S. Bezergianni
Hydrothermal Liquefaction of oleaginous yeast targeting intermediate biofuels production – PDF
15.15-15.30 G. Pesante, D. Bolzonella, A. Jelic, N. Frison
Upgrading of biogas plants to produce microbial proteins from agro-waste – PDF
15.30-15.45 G. Proietti Tocca, V. Agostino, B. Menin, T. Tommasi, D. Fino, F. Di Caprio
Mixotrophic and heterotrophic growth of microalgae using acetate from different production processes – PDF
15.45-16.00 M. Ortiz-Sanchez, J. C. Solarte-Toro, P.J. Inocencio-García, J.G Salcedo-Mendoza, D. Otero-Meza, J. Hernandez-Ruydíaz, C. A. Cardona-Alzate
Global strategy for valorizing organic kitchen food waste through sustainable biorefineries – PDF
16.00-16.15 Jiachen Sun, Kai-Chee Loh
A Convergent Approach for Lignocellulose Valorization Through Integrated Carbohydrates Anaerobic Digestion and Lignin Bioconversion – PDF
16.15-16.30 M. Pezzuto, R. Lo Coco, D. Bolzonella, N. Frison
Integrated photo-anaerobic bioprocess for the treatment and valorization of a winery wastewater – PDF
16.30-16.45 V. M. Serrano-Martínez, H. Pérez-Aguilar, M. P. Carbonell-Blasco, F. Arán-Ais, E. Orgilés-Calpena
Advanced Approaches in Rice Straw Valorisation: Efficient Extraction and Purification of Cellulose and Lignin for Sustainable Biomaterials – PDF
16.45-17.00 C. Agabo-García, S. Ioannidou, D. Ladakis, A. Blandino, C.J. Álvarez-Gallego, L.I. Romero-García, A. Koutinas
Comparison of different strategies for saccharification of algae R. okamurae – PDF
17.00-17.15 E. Orellana, N. De Bernardini, G. Zampieri, R. Serna, S. Campanaro, L. Treu
Unveiling Biomethane Potential: Amino Acids’ Influence on Microbial Activity – PDF
17.15-17.30 A. Córdova, A. Solimeno, C.M. Castro-Barros, D. Checa, M. Poch, M. Ruiz
Sustainable Mobility through Biological Methanation of WWTP Biogas with renewable Hydrogen – PDF
17.30-17.45 A. Dimitriadis, N. Tourlakidis, G. Meletidis, S. Bezergianni
Biofuels production from solid waste microbial oils and from pre-treated waste cooking oils – PDF
17.45-18.00 B.U. Olano, A. M. Macarulla, E. Unzueta, A. Alonso-Vicario
Waste-to-x: waste conversion processes into value-added products in biorefineries – PDF
18.00-18.15 S. George Shiju, P. Quille, E. Broderick, G. Rajauria
CircBioCityWaste: Transformative Biorefining for Concurrent Biostimulant and Protein Recovery from Sludge and Digestates – PDF
18.15-18.30 X. Shi, X. Zhan
Enhancing selective butyric acid production by controlling fermentation conditions – PDF
18.30-18.45 P. Lomwongsopon, R. Wimmer, C. Varrone
Selection of polyolefins-degrading mixed microbial consortia through long-term enrichment – PDF
18.45-19.00 J. C. Solarte-Toro, P. J. Inocencio-García, C. A. Cardona-Alzate
The sustainability problem in model biorefineries based on residues Bioconversion – PDF
19.00-19.15 Jiachen Sun, Kai-Chee Loh
Fine-tuning O2-Modulated Metabolic Fluxes for Enhanced Lignin Bioconversion – PDF
19.15-19.30 M. Ortiz-Sanchez, J. C. Solarte-Toro, P.J. Inocencio-García, C. A. Cardona-Alzate
Modern Biorefineries for obtaining high demanded products for sustainable agriculture – PDF
Waste Valorisation I
Chair: K. Chojnacka, D.S. Achilias, N. Lyczko, J. L. Hao
15.00-15.15 H. A. F. Rahmy, S. Nour El-Deen, F. M. Abosamra, A. M. Khaled
The Impact of Broiler Feed on Growth and Performance by Valorisation of Olive Cake as LBy-product in the Ration – PDF
15.15-15.30 A.-I. Petaloti, E.-M. Varka, D.S. Achilias
By-products from the coffee industry as additives in the preparation of poly(lactic acid), PLA based composite films for food packaging applications – PDF
15.30-15.45 F. Demichelis, C. Galletti, F.A. Deorsola, R. Pirone, D. Fino
Technical and environmental assessments of hydrogen sulphide adsorption using biochars from slow pyrolysis of rice husk and modified rice husk – PDF
15.45-16.00 M. Popova, M. Dimitrov, M. Oykova, P. Shestakova, D. Kovacheva, G. Atanasova, Á. Szegedi
CO2 Hydrogenation to Renewable Methane on Mg-doped Ni-Cu and Ni-Co modified mesoporousSiO2 prepared from rice husks – PDF
16.00-16.15 A. Kyriakoudi, K. Misirli, A. Toumpeli, I. Mourtzinos, N. Nenadis
Holistic valorization of rice bran towards high-added value products for industrial applications – PDF
16.15-16.30 S. Mihalyi, A. Putz, M. Neureiter, F. Quartinello, G. Gübitz
Orange peel waste: a powerful resource for future biopolymer production – PDF
16.30-16.45 D. Ladakis, K. Filippi, S. M. Ioannidou, V. Korka, A. Koutinas
Economic and Environmental Evaluation of Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Production Utilizing Brewery Spent Grain and Implementing Biological Recirculation of the Biopolymer – PDF
16.45-17.00 L. Martinez-Sanchez, E. Suarez, E. Esteban, M. Reguera, A. F. Mohedano, M. A. de la Rubia, M. Tobajas
Application of hydrochar and biochar from bio waste and sewage sludge as a soil amendment on a sandy loam soil – PDF
17.00-17.15 P. Llopart, E. Autó, B. Bayarri, C. Sans
Influence and modeling of operational parameters on the synthesis yield and adsorption capacity of biochar derived from vine prunings – PDF
17.15-17.30 Z. Sun, J. Nieto-Sandoval, B. Bayarri, C. Sans
Biochar as a Growth Seed for Carbon Nanomaterials: A Sustainable Solution for Plastic chemical and physical activation methods for improved removal of penconazole and acetamiprid – PDF
17.30-17.45 Yiying Wang, Chi-Hwa Wang
Biochar as a Growth Seed for Carbon Nanomaterials: A Sustainable Solution for Plastic Waste Management – PDF
17.45-18.00 A. Malamakis, D. Geroliolios, L. Melas, C. Karkanias, G. Banias
Integrating Biochar in Swine Feed: A Sustainable Approach to Enhancing Livestock Production and Environmental Management – PDF
18.00-18.15 Yumin Duan, Mukesh Kumar Awasthi
Biochar regulating humification of livestock manure composting and its improvement on soil quality – PDF
18.15-18.30 C. Karkanias, D. Geroliolios, A. Malamakis, S. Skoutida, L. Melas, M. Batsioula, G.F. Banias
Blockchain for Sustainability: Pioneering traceability in the Agri-food Sector – PDF
18.30-18.45 J. Colin, A. Sarrion, M.A. De la Rubia, E. Diaz, A.F. Mohedano
Ecotoxicity of hydrochar from hydrothermal carbonization of biomass waste – PDF
18.45-19.00 I. E. Achouri, S. Karakache, N. Abatzoglou, D. Allous
Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis over sustainable catalyst in a 3-φ CSTR reactor as part of GOLD 2020 project for land recovery (GOLD 2020 – Horizon) – PDF
19.00-19.15 K. Pikon, M. Abawalo, M. Landrat, W. Scierski
Review of advanced biowaste-to-hydrogen technologies: Their role in modern waste management and environmental impact – PDF
19.15-19.30 R. Devasan, G. Halder
Trash to Treasure: Upcycling discarded plastic into heterogeneous carbon dots for use as a catalyst in sustainable production of Honge oil biodiesel – PDF

Thursday, 20 June 2024

8.00-9.30 Registration

Keynote Speakers
Chair: K. Moustakas, D. Malamis

Qunxing Huang, President of the Global WtERT Council & Vice Dean, College of Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University
Novel pyrolysis technology for recovery valuable products from waste tires

Kyriakos Maniatis, International Consultant, Ex Principal Administrator in the Directorate General for Energy of the European Commission
Advanced biofuels in decarbonising transport

Ezra Bar-Ziv, Michigan Technological University
MSW Valorization by Solvent-Based Technology to High-Added Value Products

Heribert Insam, University of Innsbruck
Microbes and Climate with a special emphasis on waste management

David Bolzonella, University of Verona
From anaerobic digestion to multipurpose biorefinery: valorizing organic waste

Chair: A. Milukas, M. Loizidou, D. Bolzonella, D. Malamis
11.15-11.30 D. Malamis
CIRCforBIO project Overview – PDF
11.30-11.45 N. Kontogianni, K. Passadis, E.M. Barampouti, S. Mai, D. Malamis, M. Loizidou
CIRC4BIO platform as a powerful tool for promoting biomass valorisation – PDF
11.45-12.00 F. Battista, D. Bolzonella
Optimization of the acidogenic fermentation for VFA production – PDF
12.00-12.15 K. Passadis, E.M. Barampouti, S. Mai, D. Malamis, M. Loizidou
A circular economy system for multi-source biomass conversion to added value products: LIFE CIRCforBIO – PDF
12.15-12.30 C. Aouf, I. Dedieu
The AgriLoop Horizon Europe EU-CN project: upgrading agricultural residues into high added-value bio-products – PDF
12.30-12.45 R. Jimenez-Lorenzo, P. Ferrero, M. de la Feld, A. Pizza, N. Frison, C. Bastianelli
The ELLIPSE Horizon Europe project: ecient and novel waste streams co-processing to obtain bio-based solutions for packaging and agricultural sectors – PDF
12.45-13.00 M. Bampaou, G. Kardaras, Tz. Kraia, K.D. Panopoulos, L.P. Chrysikou, S. Bezergianni, S. Kiartzis, E.A.Nanaki
Paving the Way to the conversion of plastic wastes to fuels – PDF
13.00-13.15 J. Ibarruri, B. Iñarra, A. Bikandi, A. Salvarrey, N. Luengo, J. Ferrer, J. Zufía, M. Gutierrez, D. San Martin
Optimization of bioethanol production from a sugar- ich liquor and a functional animal feed ingredient obtained in the biorenery scheme of grape stem – PDF
13.15-13.30 D. San Martin, J. Ibarruri, A. García-Rodriguez, I. Goiri, R. Atxaerandio, N. Luengo, J. Ferrer, J. Zufía, M. Gutierrez, E. Sáez de Cámara, B. Iñarra
Valorization of grape stems as a functional ingredient in ruminant diets – PDF
13.30-13.45 L. Mejias, D. Cantabella, M. Martínez-Quintela, O. Osegueda, M. Bistué, L. Paredes, S. Ponsá
Applying circular strategies to the food industry: slaughterhouse solid waste valorization in a pilot demonstration plant – PDF
13.45-14.00 V. Veleva, A. Abend
Current practices, drivers and barriers to advance a circular economy: Insights from the Massachusetts craft beer sector – PDF
14.00-14.15 L. Caroscio, C. Chiavetta, A. Bonoli
Sailing Towards Sustainability: A Life Cycle Analysis of Mussel Farming in La Spezia – PDF
14.15-14.30 B. Iñarra, M. Cidad, D. Villanueva, S. Ramos, J. Ibarruri, M. Gutierrez, J. Zufía, E. Sáez de Cámara, D. San Martin
Sustainability analysis of new circular strategies for the use of coee by-products as a new raw material for animal feed – PDF
14.30-14.45 A.B. Moldes, A. López-Prieto, A. Martínez-Arcos, X. Vecino, J.M. Cruz
Optimizing Biosurfactant extraction yield from Corn Steep Liquor: A Strategic Approach for Cost-Eective Pilot-Scale Biopesticide Product – PDF
14.45-15.00 R. Soloha, L. Kristiana Lukasa, E. Dace
Assessment and bio-valorisation of by-products from food industry in Europe – PDF
Sludge Management & Recovery of materials from wastewater & sludge
Chair: A. Zouboulis, H. Insam, A. G. Capodaglio, C. Di Iaconi
11.15-11.30 M. De Sanctis, S. Murgolo, C. De Ceglie, G. Mascolo, C. Di Iaconi
An innovative plant for preventing sewage sludge generation – PDF
11.30-11.45 F. Corona, L. Garrote, E. Pérez-Zapatero, J.M. Martín-Marroquín, D. Hidalgo
Potential of novel hybrid microalgae cultivation technology for nutrient recovery from wastewater
11.45-12.00 C.H.J. Koh Yang, G.C. Liu, W.P. Chan, W. Liu, T.T. Lim, G. Lisak
Oxygen carrier derived from ferric sludge for chemical looping combustion of MSW syngas – PDF
12.00-12.15 B. Ruffino, G. Campo, A. Cerutti, M.C. Zanetti
Techno-economic analysis of thermo-alkali and biological pre-treatments applied to waste activated sludge – PDF
12.15-12.30 A. Fantasse, S. L. Parra Angarita, E.K. Lakhalb, E.H. Bougary, A. Idlimam, A. Léonard
Exploring convective drying behavior of hydroxide sludges through micro-drying systems – PDF
12.30-12.45 A. Cano-Larrotta, R. Castellnou, L. Colomer, R. Moreno, E. Uggetti
Evaluating Rest Period and Sludge Composition in Sludge Treatment Wetland – PDF
12.45-13.00 L. Mezule
Sewage sludge hygienization for its use as soil amender – PDF
13.00-13.15 T. De Somer, M. Van Melkebeke, B. Goethals, S. Gusev, P. Van der Meeren, K. M. Van Geem, S. De Meester
Modelling and Application of Dissolved Air Flotation for Efficient Separation of Microplastics from Sludges and Sediments – PDF
13.15-13.30 J. Bu, Y.W. Tiong, Y.W. Tong
Utilizing Zeolite for Nutrient Recovery from Anaerobic Digestate to Enhance the Growth Performance of Choy Sum – PDF
13.30-13.45 L. Lee, P.H. Lee
Towards closed-loop production of biodegradable plastics from municipal sewage sludge: using multi-meta-omics and quantum computing analyses to improve VFA to PHA production pathways – PDF
13.45-14.00 G. Torres, P. I. Romero, M. S. Córdova, A. E. Silva, L. A. García, G. Fernández
Application of natural coagulants to reduce the turbidity present in water from drainage channels that feed the Endhó dam, Hidalgo, Mexico – PDF
14.00-14.15 M.E. Koulouri, M.R. Templeton, G.D. Fowler, C. Batarda, L. Owomuhangi, Y. Lugali, O. Tuyishimire, F. Nteziyaremye
Co-carbonisation of faecal sludge and biomass waste for resource recovery: Lessons learned from Uganda and Rwanda – PDF
14.15-14.30 C. Duarte, I.P.L. Brás, M.E.F. Silva
Carbon footprint calculator for textile and clothing sector: development, application and validation – PDF
14.30-14.45 T. Pilevneli, E. Ercin, G. Capar
Water footprint of key-traded crops of Turkey – PDF
14.45-15.00 B. Ucar Islam, G. Capar
Agricultural virtual water trade of Turkiye – PDF
Waste Valorisation II
Chair: Chr. Argirusis, J. Yanik, J. Dosta, A. Djukic-Vukovic
11.15-11.30 C. Magnonara, E. Montagnese, G. Pesante, C. Vona, M. Villano, F. Battista, D. Bolzonella
Production of PHAs with variable HV content from agricultural residues – PDF
11.30-11.45 A. Zamboi, S. Fraterigo Garofalo, F. Demichelis, T. Tommasi, D. Fino
Opuntia ficus-indica: a biorefinery integrated process for the valorization of cladodes – PDF
11.45-12.00 K. Filippi, V. Korka, J. Sjöström, H. Li, D. Ladakis, O. Sevastyanova, A. Koutinas
Biorefinery development of lignocellulosic biomass for lignin extraction and succinic acid production via fermentation – PDF
12.00-12.15 P. J. Inocencio-García, C. A. Cardona-Alzate
CO2 as raw material as raw material for sustainable for sustainable biorefineries – PDF
12.15-12.30 G. Dall’Osto, D. Mombelli, S. Scolari, C. Mapelli
Survey on the valorization of wood and agribusiness wastes for their application as fossil carbon substitutes in metallurgical processes – PDF
12.30-12.45 S. Peña-Picola, M. Jordán, N. Pérez-Esteban, M. Peces, J. Vila, M. Grifoll, F. Valentino, S. Astals, J. Dosta
Volatile fatty acids production from organic fraction of municipal solid waste: correlation with retention time, feeding regime and temperature – PDF
12.45-13.00 A. M. Khaled
Enhancing compost of Organic municipal solid waste using Phosphate rock – PDF
13.00-13.15 A. Martorell-Múgica, C. González-Fernández, S. Greses
Indigenous microbiome as a promising strategy to maximize organic waste valorization into added-value chemicals – PDF
13.15-13.30 J. Lalthanmawi, R. Banerjee, N.B. Maheswarappa, S. Biswas, B.M. Belore, P.M. Govindaiah, G. Patra, P.B. Koneti
Green extraction and valorization of poultry skin: Collagen hydrolysates with improved functional attributes and bioactivity – PDF
13.30-13.45 A. Ramírez, A. Parodi, F. Martin, M. Muñoz-Morales, E. López-Fernández, J. Llanos
Sustainable valorization of digestate and polluted phytomass through hydrothermal carbonization to produce hydrogen peroxide – PDF
13.45-14.00 F. Rizzioli, D. Bolzonella, A. Gronroos, F. Battista
Valorization of agricultural digestate by sequential filtration steps for the recovery of nitrogen and phosphorous compounds – PDF
14.00-14.15 A. Ibrahim Ahmed, G. Duman, T. Karayildirim, J. Yanik
Production of Bio-Fuel from Food Industry Wastes – PDF
14.15-14.30 A. Djukic-Vukovic, J. Grbic, D. Mladenovic, S. Lazovic, L. Mojovic
Interaction of cold plasma with different chemical reagents for improved fractionation of lignocellulose – PDF
14.30-14.45 M. Margallo, E. Martinez, A. Fernández-Rios, J. Laso, R. Aldaco
Environmental traceability and eco-labelling of food supply chains under a life cycle approach – PDF
Plastics & Bioplastics
Chair: W. Heikkilä, F. Todaro, F. Lombardi, S. Mai
11.15-11.30 S. Paukkunen, M. Pölönen, J. Nyyssönen, J. Hämäläinen, A. Pohjonen
Possibilities for the processing LLDPE waste plastic produced by agricultural farms – PDF
11.30-11.45 G. Santomassi, F. Todaro, A. Petrella, E.U. Thoden van Velzen, M. Notarnicola
Strategies to enhance the circularity of PET thermoformed packaging waste based on material characterisation – PDF
11.45-12.00 M. S. Morlino, R. Serna García, M. Demo, I. Porqueddu, B. Müller, L. Favaro, T. Morosinotto, S. Campanaro, L. Treu
Bioconversion of anaerobic digestion products to biomass and polyhydroxyalkanoates with Cupriavidus necator – PDF
12.00-12.15 G. Denafas, A. Torkelis, L. Kliučininkas
Analysis of factors influencing the circularity of plastic packaging waste recycling – PDF
12.15-12.30 N. Collier, D. Manhaeghe, M. Roosen, T. De Somer, S. De Meester
Improving the odour removal from flexible packaging waste by optimizing the water management in plastic recycling plants – PDF
12.30-12.45 M. M. Madirisha, B. D. Ikotuna, M. A. Rikhotsa, E. K. Onyari
Turning the Tide: The Potential of Geopolymer in Microplastic Pollution Control, A Review – PDF
12.45-13.00 M. Coletta, A. D’Alessandro, G. Sagratini, A. La Terza
Impact on wheat health and rhizosphere microbiome of compost produced by adding compostable bioplastic packaging to organic waste: A field experiment – PDF
13.00-13.15 P. Tsai, A. Onishi, T. Tabata
Investigating Households Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Dealing with the Single-use Plastic Products in Japan – PDF
13.15-13.30 D. Sorino, L. Bartolucci, S. Cordiner, A. Falsetti, F. Lombardi, V. Mulone
Mixed polyolefine recycling from a composting plant: Monomer recovery for circular economy by Pyrolytic process – PDF
13.30-13.45 M. F. Senekane
Employing technological methods to manage plastic waste material – PDF
13.45-14.00 I. Voukalli, I. Papamichael, P. Loizia, F. Economou, M. Stylianou, A. Maalouf, V. Naddeo, T. Zara, A.A. Zorpas
The impact of Environmental Management System in Hospitality Industry to the transition to Circular Economy – PDF
14.00-14.15 S. Hussain Tumrani, Chengchong Feng Aging mechanism of PBS microplastic with UV irradiation and its effects on the adsorption of tetracycline – PDF
Anaerobic Digestion
Chair: D. Bolzonella, I. Angelidaki, A. Gross, B. Ruffino
15.00-15.15 Andrea G. Capodaglio
Role of bioelectrochemical systems in anaerobic methanation yield improvement – PDF
15.15-15.30 Simone Colantoni, D. Molognoni, P. Sánchez-Cueto, C. De Soto, M. Gonzalez, P. Bosch, R. Ghemis, E. Borras
Pre-pilot bioelectrochemically improved anaerobic digestion of fish processing industrial wastewater – PDF
15.30-15.45 C. Zafiris, L. Gavriil, Myrsini Christou
An overview of the feedstock supply for biomethane production in EU – PDF
15.45-16.00 Boris Tartakovsky, V. Singh, H. Li, B. Ormeci, A. Hussain
Enhanced biomethane production from food waste in a bio-electrochemical anaerobic digester (BEAD) – PDF
16.00-16.15 Raquel Arnal-Sierra, D. Molognoni, S. Colantoni, I. Boateng, A. Awopone, K. Agyapong, F. Kwaku Sarfo, E. Borras
Assessment of the biological methane potential of different food residues from a market in Ghana for local residues valorization and biogas production – PDF
16.15-16.30 Benedikt Hülselmann, M. Baumgart, G. Sailer, H. Oechsner
Coupled biogas and fibre production from biowaste and agricultural residuals – PDF
16.30-16.45 M. Olaya-Rincon, J. Serra, M. Casallas-Ojeda, Joan Dosta, R. Torres, M. Martinez, S. Astals
Impact of temperature and particle size on polylactic acid anaerobic biodegradability – PDF
16.45-17.00 Elisa Fersini, M. Occhinegro, A. Giuliano, F. Todaro, M. Notarnicola
Evaluation of environmental performance of a material/energy recovery plant from organic fraction of municipal solid waste through life cycle assessment – PDF
17.00-17.15 Ioannis A. Fotidis, Y. Yan, D. Fu
Bioaugmentation of immobilised inocula coupled with biochar to solve the ammonia problem in continuous biogas reactors – PDF
17.15-17.30 Francesca Tucci, V. Buscio, V. López-Grimau, X. Guimerà
Textile sludge valorization: a challenge toward a more sustainable system – PDF
17.30-17.45 Qingwei Gao, Lili Li, Kun Wang, Qingliang Zhao
Promoting methane production during anaerobic digestion with biochar: Is it influenced by quorum sensing? – PDF
17.45-18.00 Ioannis Kontodimos, N. Margaritis, P. Grammelis, M. Goula
Integrated management of food waste leachates: Recovery of added value products and biomethane production – PDF
18.00-18.15 D. Ferraro, A. Jimenez, D. Ringoet, Claude Drossos
Reducing the cost of sludge treatment and disposal by implementing thermal hydrolysis for a large wastewater treatment plant – PDF
18.15-18.30 Z. Ulanowski, J. Rębas, M. Kułażyński, Marcin Łukaszewicz
Operational problems occurring during the production of biogas and energy in a modern agricultural biogas plants – PDF
18.30-18.45 Y.W. Tong
Enhanced thermophilic dark fermentation of hydrogen production from food waste byFe-modified biochar – PDF
18.45-19.00 A. Arıç, S. Can Karagöz, T. Ceren Öğüt, S. Tuğçe Dağlioğlu, G. Duman, J. Yanik, Nuri Azbar
Effect of various thermochemical pretreatment methods on the biomethanisation of hemp (Cannabis sativa) hurd and kinetic analysis – PDF
19.00-19.15 Angeliki E. Stougiannou, A. Bourtsalas, N. Kakkoufa
Feasibility study and proposal of Anaerobic Digester plant for biogas production in Peloponnisos, Greece using olive tree pruning feedstock – PDF
19.15-19.30 G. Balasundaram, P. Gahlot, V. K. Tyagi, A.A. Kazmi, H. Kleiven, A.K. Sahu
Thermal Hydrolysis Achieves Asset Optimisation and High Biomethane Yields – PDF
19.30-19.45 Sujeet Kesharvani, G. Dwivedi, T. Nath Verma
Unveiling the Veiled Potential: Investigating Biohydrogen Production from Biomass via Dark Fermentation – PDF
Food Waste Management
Chair: D. Malamis, S. Mai, A.M. Goula, I. Mourtzinos
15.00-15.15 M. Amador-Cervera, B. U. Olano-Oteiza, M. V. Vargas-Viedma, A. Alonso-Vicario
Improving food waste quantification at municipal level to assess food waste prevention: A case study in the Basque Country – PDF
15.15-15.30 D. Szakos, M. Süth, A. Kunszabó, J. Oláh, J. Popp, Z. Lakner, A. Dorkó, T. Izsó, W.S. Nugraha, G. Kasza
Bread and bakery products in household food waste: identifying the main factors behindthe decreasing trend – PDF
15.30-15.45 S. Fraterigo Garofalo, V. Mallen, D. Fino
Extraction of carotenoids from tomato processing waste using Deep Eutectic Solvent – PDF
15.45-16.00 N. Solomakou, A. Kyriakoudi, I. Mourtzinos, A.M. Goula
Valorization of olive mill wastewaters: Novel and sustainable adsorption techniques using activated spent coffee grounds – PDF
16.00-16.15 S. Hupfauf, I. Kleidofer, I. Whittle, D. Bischof, A. Bockreis, H. Insam, W. Mueller, M. Wehner
Decentralised system for demand-oriented collection of food waste – assessment of biomethane potential, pathogen development and microbial community structure – PDF
16.15-16.30 A.M. Drosaki, S.C. Axarlis, M.A. Tsekmezoglou, N. Solomakou, I. Mourtzinos, A.M. Goula
Green ultrasound-assisted extraction of carotenoids from peach peels using vegetable oils – PDF
16.30-16.45 D. Fotiou, E. Tsachouridou, A.M. Goula
Valorization of wastes from lavender distillation through optimized extraction and encapsulation processes – PDF
16.45-17.00 V. Korka, C. Margioulas, K. Filippi, E. Stylianou, D. Ladakis, A. Koutinas
Bioprocess development for succinic acid production using organic fractions of municipal solid waste – PDF
17.00-17.15 K. Chojnacka
Bio-Waste to Organic Fertilizers: Valorization for Sustainability – PDF
17.15-17.30 P. Rusek, S. Schab, K. Borowik, Ł. Rusek
Technology for producing granulated fertilizers enriched with microbiological components, including the determination of individual process parameters and technical and technological aspects – PDF
17.30-17.45 S. Schab, M. Borowik
Granulated slow release fertilizer NCaS based on urea and flue gas desulfurization gypsum – PDF
17.45-18.00 A. Prado, M. Ventura, I. Pariente, J.A. Melero, D. Puyol, F. Martínez
Green Synthesis of Graphitic Carbon Nitride Materials using Pig Solids Waste and Urea: A Novel Artificial Photosynthesis – PDF
18.00-18.15 K. Borowik, P. Rusek, S. Schab, A. Bińczak
Wet-process phosphoric acid decadmiation using ion-exchange method – PDF
18.15-18.30 L.X. Wang, Y.M. Li
Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria Provide Electron Acceptors for Sulphur Oxidation and Reduce Odour Emission in Composting – PDF
18.30-18.45 Yan Yang, Wenjie Chen, Guoxue Li, Jing Yuan
Effect of a semi-permeable membrane covered composting on greenhouse gas emissions and bacterial community succession: A comparative study with biomass materials covering – PDF
18.45-19.00 Y.L. Kong, J. Yuan
Determining the extraction conditions and phytotoxicity threshold for compost maturity
evaluation using the seed germination index method – PDF
19.00-19.15 Yan Liu, Guannan Zheng, Guoliang Liu, Ruolan Tang, Ying Liu, Guoxue Li, Jing Yuan
Dicyandiamide shifts the production pathway from denitrification to incomplete nitrification dominated by the amoA gene during composting, delaying rather than continuously inhibiting the nitrous oxide emission – PDF
19.15-19.30 M. Androudi, E.E. Golia, E. Tsialiki, I. Ipsilantis, E. Triantafillidou
Utilization of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in a circular economy model: investigating the use of hemp for phytoremediation of Pb-contaminated soils and bioenergy production – PDF
Waste Valorization III
Chair: K. Moustakas, A. Karamonov, G. Antonopoulou, M. Kumar Awasthi
15.00-15.15 A. Dollari, S.K. Antiohos, P.C. Bourazanis, M. Felesakis, J. Marinos, P. Papadeas
Improving cement carbon footprint through increased alternative fuels and raw materials utilization – PDF
15.15-15.30 I. Djobov, N.B. Jordanov, E. Karamanova, A. Karamonov
Study the possibilities for using of clays from coal overburden for bricks production – PDF
15.30-15.45 C. Mulaja Tshakatumba, E. Mwema Mutamba, M.-P. Delplancke
Recycling heavy metal mining waste into fired building and anti-acid bricks – PDF
15.45-16.00 N. B. Jordanov, D. Tatchev, I. Djobov, A. Karamonov
Sintered foams obtained from different iron-rich waste – PDF
16.00-16.15 A. Karamonov, E. Karamanova
Utilization of asbestos waste in the synthesizes of “historical” yellow cobblestones of Sofia – PDF
16.15-16.30 C. Anagnostopoulou, I. Papachristou, A. Kyriakoudi, K.N. Kontogiannopoulos, I. Mourtzinos, P.G. Kougias
Chlorella vulgaris cultivation in food industry wastewater for alginate beads encapsulation – PDF
16.30-16.45 G. Bonifazi, R. Gasbarrone, D. Gattabria, S. Serranti
Near InfraRed Transflectance Spectroscopy for monitoring the reuse of reclaimed Water from Wastewater Treatment process: a preliminary study – PDF
16.45-17.00 R. Annelio, C. De Ceglie, S. Murgolo, M. De Sanctis, G. Mascolo, E. Slavik, S. De Gisi, C. Di Iaconi
Integration of biological and chemical oxidation for PFAS removal from landfill leachate – PDF
17.00-17.15 J.D. Galvis-Nieto, N. Salgado, S.L. Murillo-Franco, I. Alvarez-Lanzarote, C.E. Orrego
A Natural fiber biopolymer foam as potential carrier for enzyme immobilization – PDF
17.15-17.30 M. Martínez-Quintela, P. M. Binder, Joaquin Romero, L. Paredes, N. Guerra-Gorostegui
Nutrients recovery from marine aquaculture sludge through biodrying process – PDF
17.30-17.45 Seung-han Ha, Seung Gu Shin, Johng-Hwa Ahn
Biochemical methane potential of waste activated sludge: Influence of inoculum pre-incubation – PDF
17.45-18.00 L.G. Olias, G.G. Ismael, R. Molina, I. Pariente, F.M. Castillejo
Facile thermal activation of low-grade fuel coke for electro-reduction of hydrogen peroxide from air and water – PDF
18.00-18.15 E.J. Noh, J.L. Cheon, S.G. Shin, J.H. Ahn
Anaerobic co-digestion of fish waste and primary sludge: Biochemical methane potential and mixing ratio – PDF
18.15-18.30 M. Abdallah, M. Al-Hindi, M.N. Ahmad
Co-treatment of Municipal Wastewater and Food Wastes Using a UASB reactor Coupled to Submerged AnMBR – PDF
18.30-18.45 Ze Zhu, Amit Gross
Anaerobic Solid Waste Treatment in Aquaponics Enhance its Sustainability and Feasibility via Nutrient and Energy Recovery – PDF
18.45-19.00 I.A. Fotidis, Y. Yan, D. Fu
A novel bioaugmentation using long-term stored specialised inocula in ammonia inhibited biomethanation process – PDF
19.00-19.15 G. Mazzanti, F. Demichelis, D. Fino, T. Tommasi
Two-stage anaerobic co-digestion of jam washing water and a mix of fruit and vegetable wastes – PDF
19.15-19.30 Lili Li, Kun Wang, Qingwei Gao, Qingliang Zhao
Characteristics and mechanisms of mass transfer differentiation during high solids anaerobic digestion of food waste – PDF
19.30-19.45 M. Elhag, L. Zhang, S. Boteva, N. Yilmaz, A. Chaabani
Geoinformation Technologies in Risk Assessment of Olive Oil Waste Water Pollution in the Water Stream Network of Western Crete, Greece – PDF
LIFE Session
Chair: N. Psimmenos
15.00-15.15 The Life Programme and the 4 sub-programmes – 2024 LIFE Call N. Psimmenos
Climate Change officer, Greek Life Task Force plus, Green Fund – PDF
15.15-15.30 Concluding remarks / questions and answers – PDF
15.30-15.50 J. Constantinidou, Senior Environment Officer, Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture
Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus, LIFE IP Cyprus, LIFE IP CYZERO WASTE – PDF
15.50-16.10 LIFE IP CEI Greece – Circular Economy Implementation in Greece – PDF
16.10-16.30 W. Heikkilä, H. Dahlbo, S. Kauppi
The Plastics Responsible Society – Re-thinking plastics in a sustainable circular economy (PlastLIFE) – PDF
16.30-16.45 R. Titos-Guillen, A. Mayor, L. Quintana-Gomez, C. M. Castro-Barros, D. Ramoned
LIFE CYCLOPS: Upcycling polyphenols from industrial olive oil waste – PDF
16.45-17.00 M. Loizidou
17.00-17.15 T. Manios
LIFE Hippocrates: A Holistic Approach towards onsite hospital wastewater treatment – PDF
17.15-17.30 M. Kyriazi
Demonstration of an innovative method for the detoxification of pharmaceutical wastewater from pharmaceutical facilities – LIFE PHARMA-DETOX – PDF
17.30-17.45 D. Malamis
Valorising anaerobic digestates into bio-fertilisers for climate friendly agriculture – LIFE DIMITRA – PDF
17.45-18.00 K. Kontogiannopoulos
Demonstration of a mobile unit for hybrid energy storage based on CO2 capture and renewable energy sources – LIFE CO2toCH4 – PDF
18.00-18.15 Discussion – PDF

Friday, 21 June 2024

Waste-to-Energy & Energy from Waste
Chair: K. Moustakas, S. Consonni, M. Horttanainen, I. Janajreh
8.30-8.45 Th. Bourtsalas
The role of the Global WTERT Council – PDF
8.45-9.00 E. De Lena, M. Spinelli, C. Artini, G. Mazzolari, M. Gatti, M.C. Romano, S. Consonni
Decarbonized Energy from Waste via Ca-Looping – PDF
9.00-9.15 H. Khan, S. Khan, I. Janajreh
Experimental and modelling investigation on the gasification of the sludge for Hydrogen production – PDF
9.15-9.30 K. Das
Numerical simulation of the biomass gasification in an industrial-scale entrained flow reactor for Hydrogen-rich syngas generation – PDF
9.30-9.45 S. P. Deore, S. Kumar, S. M. Mahajani
Utilizing Gasification for Thermal Energy Production from Menstrual Waste: A Waste-to Energy Approach – PDF
9.45-10.00 A. Tamošiūnas, D. Gimžauskaitė, M. Aikas, R. Uscila, K. Zakarauskas, S. Fendt, S. Bastek, H. Spliethoff
Gasification of plastic waste to syngas in thermal CO2 plasma – PDF
10.00-10.15 Tae Hwi An, Chan Young Lee, Ho Won Ra, Sung Min Yoon, Young-Kwon Park, Myung Won Seo
Entrained Flow Gasification Characteristics of Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Oil – PDF
10.15-10.30 S. Lotfi, E. Galiwango, W. Ma, K. Austin, J. Butler
Catalytic hydrothermal gasification of automotive fluff in a continuous system – PDF
10.30-10.45 J. Hunicz, P. Woś, D. Szpica, A. Rybak, M.S. Gęca, M. Mikulski
Waste plastic pyrolysis oils as diesel fuel components: analysis of emissions sensitivity to engine control parameters – PDF
10.45-11.00 E. Pawelczyk, I. Wysocka, A. Gil, J. Karczewski, M. Maciejewski, J. Gębicki
Syngas generation via pyrolysis-dry reforming of plastics over Ni-Mo2C/γ-Al2O3 catalyst – the effect of amine on structural and catalytic properties – PDF
11.00-11.15 U. Bassey, M. Collins, G. Beck, S. Narra, M. Nelles, M. Hartmann
Exergy and energy analysis of pyrolysis of pretreated single-use waste plastics – PDF
11.15-11.30 J. Eimontas, N. Striūgas, K. Zakarauskas
The exploration of catalytic pyrolysis of discarded fishing nets aiming to recover energy-based products – PDF
11.30-11.45 B. Baser, M. Bohme, B. B. Hansen, M. Pedersen, A. D. Jensen, P. A. Jensen
Pyrolysis of waste to synthetic fuels on cement plants – PDF
11.45-12.00 Longfei Tang, Peipei Gao, Xueli Chen
Pyrolysis of municipal plastic waste: Chlorine distribution and formation of organic chlorinated compounds – PDF
12.00-12.15 V.E. Messerle, A.B. Ustimnenko, O.A. Lavrichshev
Plasma processing of agricultural waste: thermodynamic analysis and experiment – PDF
12.15-12.30 A.S. Falsafi, A.M. Falsafi, M. Abdulkareem, M. Horttanainen Transition from landfilling of Municipal Solid Waste to waste-to-energy – Evaluation of the impact on dioxin emissions – PDF
12.30-12.45 A.M. Falsafi, A.S. Falsafi, A. Zaikova, M. Abdulkareem, M. Horttanainen
Transition to Recycling vs. Energy Recovery in Municipal Solid Waste Management: Evaluating the Speed of GHG Emission Reduction – PDF
12.45-13.00 P. Kannappan Karthikeyan, H. Chaminda Hemaka Bandulasena, T. Radu
Renewable Energy from Wastes: Enhanced Biogas Generation from High Lignocellulosic Biomass through Plasma-Assisted Microbubble Pre-Treatment – PDF
13.00-13.15 G. Farnocchia, G. Pipitone, R. Pirone, S. Bensaid
Renewable H2> production by aqueous phase reforming of ethanol-rich wastewaters – PDF
13.15-13.30 M.P. Diez, M. Perez-Rangel, E. Villanueva-Galindo, E. Díaz, M.A. de la Rubia, A.F. Mohedano, I. Moreno-Andrade
Optimizing hydrogen and volatile fatty acid production through dark fermentation of food waste: Exploring synergies in microbial consortium, pH modulation, and bioaugmentation strategies – PDF
13.30-13.45 A. Gomez-Aquino, A. Vargas, I. Moreno-Andrade
Biohydrogen production enhancement from organic fraction of municipal solid waste using intermittent feeding strategies in a discontinuous process – PDF
13.45-14.00 D. Bertasini, D. Bolzonella, N. Frison, R. Lauri, F. Valentino, F. Battista
Hydrogen production through Dark Fermentation process of Agricultural Residues – PDF
14.00-14.15 M. Mosca, R. Mosca, M. Braggio
An innovative Methodology to Convert CO2 into Methanol, to Increase Sustainability of Clinker Production – PDF
14.15-14.30 A. Xirostylidou, M. Gaspari, K.N. Kontogiannopoulos, A. Zouboulis, P.G. Kougias
Assessing the influence of intermittent hydrogen supply on biological CO2 methanation – PDF
14.30-14.45 D. Singh, L. Lombardi
An analysis of Aspen simulation of multiple processes for producing hydrogen from biogas and landfill gas – PDF
14.45-15.00 J.M. Martín-Marroquín, A. Aguado, D. Hidalgo
Optimizing gas separation through mixed matrix membranes and membrane contactors: A comparative study for H2/CO2/CH4 mixtures – PDF
Chair: M. Loizidou, M. Kyriazi
9.00-9.15 M. Loizidou
Demonstration of an advanced technique for eliminating coal mine wastewater (brines) combined with resource recovery – PDF
9.15-9.30 M. Loizidou, D. Malamis, M. Kyriazi, G. Szyl, A. Skalny, M. Turek, K. Mitko, B. Wawro, N. Linden, D. Diamantidou, K. Panteleakou, D. Ponomarenko, C. Xenogianni
Circular Economy Approach in the coal mine sector: Innovative technologies for clean water and high purity salt from coal mine brine – PDF
9.30-9.45 K. Mitko, M. Turek
Recovery of magnesium hydroxide, calcite and gypsum from coal mine water – PDF
9.45-10.00 N. Linden, D. Diamantidou
Nanofiltration, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis to produce concentrated brine and fresh water from coal mine brine – Assessment on pilot-scale – PDF
10.00-10.15 M. Avramidi, M. Loizidou, D. Malamis, M. Kyriazi, C. Xenogianni
Thermal-based technologies for the recovery of high-purity water and marketable salt as part of a ZLD system – PDF
10.15-10.30 K. Panteleaki
The concept of circular water value and its role in the design and implementation of circular desalination projects: The case of coal mines in Poland – PDF
10.30-10.45 C. Spyropoulou, S. Klempetsani, D. Malamis, M. Loizidou, G. Szyl, A. Skalny
Enablers and barriers identification for the implementation of a wastewater treatment system in the coal mine sector – A multidimensional approach – PDF
10.45-11.00 C. Spyropoulou, M. Kyriazi, D. Malamis, M. Loizidou
|Unveiling the Social Impact of an innovative system for coal mine wastewater management – Site specific analysis of Ziemowit mine in Poland – PDF
11.00-11.15 C. Loizou, M. Avramidi, M. Kyriazi, K. Moustakas, D. Malamis, M. Loizidou
Operational parameters on the performance of an installed ZLD system treating reclaimed water from the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Larnaca – PDF
11.15-11.30 M. Avramidi, G. Athanasoulia, M. Kyriazi, J. Novakovic, K. Moustakas, D. Malamis, M. Loizidou
Industrial Symbiosis Platforms for sustainable wastewater management: Closing the loop of nutrients, salts and water – PDF
11.30-11.45 M. Dodou, M. Loizidou, M. Kyriazi
The role of Communities of Practice in the design of brine management plants – PDF
11.45-12.00 M. Kyriazi, M. Loizidou
Replicability and transferability potentials of the ZLD systems – PDF
12.00-12.15 N.S. Vasile, C. Magrini, A. Vizzaro, I. Bassani, R. Bellini, F.C. Pirri, A. Abdel Azim
Integrated approach to brine valorisation and biomethane production using waste streams: techno-economic analysis and challenges – PDF
12.15-12.30 De Paoli Italo Luigi
Treatment and Recovery of Brine waters coming from the agro – alimentary industries – PDF
12.30-12.45 D. Zuljevic, D. Kaiser, M. Kraft, S. Pavón, A. Nickol, M. Bertau
Innovative approach to lithium extraction: Integrating COOL+ process with sustainable solid waste management – PDF
12.45-13.00 M. Kraft, R. Hofmann, M. Bertau
Materials of the future from old mines – PDF
13.00-13.15 H. Bellefqih, H. Mazouz, E. Bilal
Unlocking the Potential of Phosphogypsum: Leaching of rare earth elements from phosphogypsum derived from sedimentary and magmatic phosphate ore – PDF
13.15-13.30 K. N. Maroulas, I. Christodoulopoulos, A. D. Meretoudi, S. L. Kouvalakidou, R. I. Kosheleva,
I. Georgiou, D. A. Gkika, A. Varoutoglou, I. Moschou, A. K. Tolkou, P. Efthymiopoulos, G. Z. Kyzas
Putrescine/graphene oxide and chitosan/graphene oxide derivatives for the removal of paracetamoland ketoprofen from wastewaters – PDF
13.30-13.45 A. D. Meretoudi, K. N. Maroulas, S. L. Kouvalakidou, R. I. Kosheleva, I. Georgiou, D. A. Gkika, A. Varoutoglou, I. Moschou, A. K. Tolkou, P. Efthymiopoulos, G. Z. Kyzas
Chitosan/graphene oxide/vanillin@TiO2 for the removal of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical compound (Diclofenac) from wastewaters – PDF
13.45-14.00 M. Amicuzi, A. Capriati, R. Giorgi, S. Lamberti, F. Mangiagli, L. Valluzzi
Case study of a comprehensive analysis aimed at safeguarding and saving water resources in a large manufacturing company in the framework of the sustainable development agenda – PDF
14.00-14.15 M. T. Santos, M. F. Almeida, T. Trindade
Simulation of the performance of three desalination systems – PDF
14.15-14.30 P. Stanovský, A. Žitková, P. Izák
Flue gas purification by new nonporous membranes – PDF
Recycling & Resource Recovery
Chair: S. Smith, P. Champagne, S. De Meester, I. D’Adamo, A. Žgajnar Gotvajn
8.45-9.00 M.A.S. Tehrani, S. De Meester
Validation of COSMO-SAC Thermodynamic model for estimation of activity coefficients for plastic additives and monomers – PDF
9.00-9.15 J.C. Doolaege, R. Denolf, S. De Meester
Modelling the dissolution kinetics of plasticised poly(vinyl chloride) – PDF
9.15-9.30 D. Manhaeghe, M. Van Melkebeke, R. Denolf, T. Van Laere, Lies Harinck, S. De Meester
Pyro-GC-MS as a strong analytical tool for the identification and quantification of remaining (non-) intentionally added substances in polymer waste – PDF
9.30-9.45 M. Legan, A. Žgajnar Gotvajn
Green mortar: PET plastic and biochar as partial natural aggregate and cement replacements – PDF
9.45-10.00 E. Carrieri, M. Roosen, R. Kol, I. Mertens, R. Hoogenboom, S. De Meester
Application of dissolution recycling on agricultural film for recovery of pure LDPE, EVA and TiO2PDF
10.00-10.15 S. Uğdüler, S. De Meester
Understanding the complexity of deinking plastic waste: An assessment of the efficiency of different treatments to remove ink resins from printed plastic film – PDF
10.15-10.30 E.J. Luna Barrios, S. De Meester, H. Sardon
Towards a better understanding of the cosolvent effect on the low-temperature glycolysis of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) – PDF
10.30-10.45 P.N. Soldatos, A.G. Margellou, A.A. Lemoniadou, K.S. Triantafyllidis
Thermochemical recycling of LDPE through fast pyrolysis & catalytic upgrading towards naphtha range hydrocarbons – PDF
10.45-11.00 W. Zeb, P. Knockaert, J. Suk Coene, J. Hogie, U. Kresovic, K. Van Geem, S. De Meester
Distillation of heavy hydrocarbons from waste plastic pyrolysis oil using ASTM D5236 vacuum Poststill method – PDF
11.00-11.15 M. Van Melkebeke, T. De Somer, T. Van Laere, T. Nguyen Luu Minh, H. Mohamadzadeh Shirazi, H. Poelman, K. Van Geem, S. De Meester
Removal of Contaminants in the Dissolution Recycling of Plastic by means of Adsorption – PDF
11.15-11.30 R. Kol, R. Denolf, G. Bernaert, D. Manhaeghe, E. Bar-Ziv, G. W. Huber, N. Niessner, M. Verswyvel, A. Lemoniadou, D. S. Achilias, S. De Meester
Towards faster polymer dissolution for dissolution recycling: a case-study for polystyrene foams – PDF
11.30-11.45 S. Gujar, S. De Meester
Development of an energy efficient and optimized process for extraction of PHB from Biomass using green solvents – PDF
11.45-12.00 G. Bonifazi, I. D’Adamo, R. Palmieri, S. Serranti
Enhancing waste material recycling from space activities – PDF
12.00-12.15 S. Mihalyi, F. Quartinello, G. Guebitz
Biotechnological upcycling of blended textile waste – PDF
12.15-12.30 J.M. Vázquez-Fernández, J.M. Abelleira-Pereira, J.J. Mascarell, A. Díaz-Cárdenas, N. Zapata-Castro, B. García-Jarana, J.R. Portela-Miguélez
Recovering whole carbon fiber cloths by catalytic hydrothermal process: fine-tuning & recycled parts fabrication – PDF
12.30-12.45 S. Moreno Sayavedra, L. Dockx, Ç. Akyol, I. Sigurnjak, E. Meers
Post-treatment of high-rate activated sludge effluent via zeolite adsorption and recovery of ammonium-nitrogen as alternative fertilising products – PDF
12.45-13.00 D. Mombelli, S. Scolari, G. Dall’Osto, C. Mapelli
Organic binders for the agglomeration of integrated cycle steel plant by-products – PDF
13.00-13.15 K. M. Low, X. H. Lin, S. F. Y. Li
A novel method for the removal of chelator EDTA and sequential precipitation of heavy metals from heavy metals-containing extract and wastewater – PDF
13.15-13.30 A. Serra-Toro, F. Barchello, S. Astals, F. Mas, J. Dosta
Long-term performance of a gas-permeable membrane for nitrogen recovery of acidogenic fermentation effluents – PDF
13.30-13.45 K. Gorazda, H. Kominko, K. Sawska, A.K.Nowak, Z. Wzorek
The potential of waste from wastewater treatment plants in fertilizer industry – PDF
13.45-14.00 P. Roccaro, F. Vagliasindi
Guidelines for volcanic ash recovery and valorization – PDF
14.00-14.15 E. Korotenko, M. Šyc, J. Jadrný, P. Mašín
Resource recovery in MSWI fly ash treatment: technological aspects and environmental perspective – PDF
14.15-14.30 A. Mandpe, S. Paliya
Optimizing Waste Management Practices: Incorporating Fly Ash in In-Vessel Composting of Agricultural and Municipal Solid Waste – PDF
14.30-14.45 H. Shen, Vl. Papangelakis
Bioremediation of Mining Tailings with Simultaneous Nickel and Sulfur Recovery – PDF
14.45-15.00 M. Kokko, T. Hu, U. Lassi, J. Pesonen
Ultrasonic-assisted NH4VO3 precipitation from NH4-based low-content vanadium solutions – PDF
Waste Valorisation IV, Recycling & Resource Recovery
Chair: A.-S. Nizami, S. Kumar, M. Tatabaei, V. Kumar Tyagi, S. Varjani
8.30-8.45 S. Wuttijarn, N. Phongphanich, P. Noparat
Innovative solutions for Waste Bank Development in Surat Thani Rajabhat University – PDF
8.45-9.00 G. Andrikos, T. Baum, W. Vitoraki
Setting a Framework for Zero Waste: The Case of Neue Shule Athen – PDF
9.00-9.15 Nghia Nguyen Van, Thu-Trang T. Nguyen, Ngan-Ha Ha, Kieu Lan Phuong Nguyen, Thanh-Khiet L. Bui
Solid waste generation and characterization in Hai Chau District, Da Nang City for sustainable waste management – PDF
9.15-9.30 V. Jahagirdar, A. Kumar Mishra, A. S. Kalamdhad
Exploring the Fine Fraction from Landfill Mining: A Comprehensive Case Study of the Boragaon Dump Site in Guwahati, India – PDF
9.30-9.45 E. Economou, I. Voukalli, I. Papamichael, P. Loizia, A.A. Zorpas
Understanding Farmers’ Perception of Food Loss Drivers: Agricultural Sector stakeholders’ perspective – PDF
9.45-10.00 L. Orlandella, M. Ciccolini, M. Tuninetti, S. Fiore
Environmental assessment of the wine sector in the territory of Langhe and Roero – PDF
10.00-10.15 P. Petropoulou
Waste and cancer – prevention – management – PDF
10.15-10.30 Y. D. Hernandez-Charpak, H. J. Kansara, T.A Trabold, J. Lodge, C. Lewis, C.A. Diaz
Quantitative methodology for poly (butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) (PBAT) microplastic detection in soil – PDF
10.30-10.45 K. Elif Maçin, O. Atilla Arikan, A. Damgaard
Food waste management analysis in Istanbul by using
a decision-making tool – PDF
10.45-11.00 S. Shankmare, P.G.M., A.R.R., A.Z.G
Evaluating the Potential of Ammonium-Natural Clinoptilolite Zeolite as a Slow-Release Fertilizer: A Study on Preparation, Characterization, and Ammonium Release Kinetics – PDF
11.00-11.15 A. Bressanelli Teixeira, C. Hoffmann Sampaio, J. Oliva Moncunill
Contaminants Removal from Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) with Water Jigs – PDF
11.15-11.30 H.M. Fogarini, S.G.C. Almeida, J.P. Souza, M.C.M. Santos, D.D.V. Silva, K.J. Dussán
Enhanced extraction of oligosaccharides from spent coffee grounds using dilute acid hydrolysis – PDF
11.30-11.45 N. Vidal, M. Ventura, F. Martinez, J.A. Melero
M/MgO catalysts for delignification of lignocellulosic residues to carboxylic acids – PDF
11.45-12.00 A. Hejna, M. Barczowski, J. Anisko, J. Andrajewski, M. Szostak, A. Piasecki, R. Barczewski, P. Kosmela
Novel composite materials from bulky wastes – PDF
12.00-12.15 G.A. Ochoa, C. Hoffmann, J. Oliva, J.L. Cortina, A.B Hernández, M. Sevilla
Characterization and valorization of tailings from the Tharsis mine, through hybrid separation techniques – PDF
12.15-12.30 A. Chatzipavlidis, L. Lekgwaska-Andrinopoulou, K. Chatzioannou, G. Tsimiklis, A. Amidtis
Unlocking Circular Innovation: Defining Integral Content for Digital Product Passports in the Wood Value Chain for Optimal Upcycling and Valorization of Wood By-products – PDF
12.30-12.45 M. Nogueira, M. Bernardo, F. Pinto, I. Fonseca, N. Lapa, I. Matos
Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from E-Waste using Tire Rubber-Derived Carbon Adsorbents – PDF
12.45-13.00 R.S. Nunes, G.T. M. Xavier, A. L. Urzedo, P.S. Fadini, M. Romero, W.A. Carvalho
Efficient Phosphorus capture from treated sanitary wastewater using a waste-derived SiO2FeOOH composite: robustness, Ca2+ interactions, and recovery perspectives – PDF
13.00-13.15 T. Zhang, L. Asaro, M. Grat, N.A. Hocine
Devulcanization of natural rubber industry waste in supercritical CO2: an original experimental development – PDF
13.15-13.30 A. Lamarca Urzedo, G. Tuono Martins Xavier, R. da Silva Nunes, L. dos Santos Andrade,
P. Sergio Fadini, W. Alves Carvalho
Application of TechPhos® in wastewater treatment for phosphorus removal: a study on toxicity and potential phosphorus release from generated sewage sludge – PDF
13.30-13.45 K. Syrmakezis, K. Tsakalakis, E. Mylon, I. Sammas
Assessment of Column Flotation Process in the treatment of End-of-Life Printed Circuit Boards fine fractions – PDF
13.45-14.00 J. Castro, M. Gómez, P.J. Acebes, P. Moretti, M.R. Bermejo, M. Merlo, Y. Belce, J.J. Biendicho
Direct Recycling of End-of-Life Lithium-Ion Batteries Cathode Active Materials by Hydrothermal Route – PDF
14.00-14.15 J. Darmey, S. Rathail, E.K. Tetteh, J.C. Ahiekpor, K.E. Tabbicca
Response surface methodology and particle swarm algorithm optimization of donnan analysis for alum recovery – PDF
14.15-14.30 A. Ahmad, M. Hassan Javed, A.-S. Nizami
Sustainability Assessment of Biodiesel and Bioproducts from Organic Waste Using Transesterification and Liquefaction – PDF
14.30-14.40 Ting-Ting Li, Xiao-Zhou Zou, Bing-Bing Luo, Lu-Chan Gong, Jun Wang
High efficiency biosynthesis of gamma-aminobutyric acid by a novel GABA-producing strain, Enterococcus avium – PDF
14.40-14.50 Zhan-Peng Zhang, Jia-Le Tian, Jia-Ying Liu, R.A. Herman, Lu-Chan Gong, Jun Wang
Immobilized urease applied in silkworm artificial feeding improves silk production – PDF
14.50-15.00 Xin-Chen Li, Yu-Lu Yang, Chao Deng, Cheng-Hai Yan, Le-Yun Yang, Lu-Chan Gong, Jun Wang
Efficient preparation of silkworm pupae protein active peptide by protease displayed on the surface of Bacillus subtilis – PDF
Energy from waste
Chair: S. Vakalis, V.M. Zanta, J. Labidi, L.M. Queiroz, L. Menin
15.00-15.15 T. Kirer, R. Sari
Assessing social acceptance of energy production from food waste in municipal solid waste management – PDF
15.15-15.30 L. Menin, A. Paolillo, S. Piazzi, D. Antolini, F. Ravazzolo, M. Baratieri
Biomass combined heat and power for renewable power provision in mountain environments: techno-economic assessment of cost factors and competitiveness under different renewable energy market conditions – PDF
15.30-15.45 L. Melas, S. Skoutida, A. Malamakis, C. Karkanias, D. Geroliolios, M. Batsioula, G.F. Banias
Environmental sustainability assessment of Biomass Feedstock Assessment for Biogas Production in a Regional Context – PDF
15.45-16.00 F. Briatore, M. Braggio
Transformation of Undifferentiated Urban Solid Waste (USW) into Secondary Solid Fuel (SSF) for Environmental Sustainability – PDF
16.00-16.15 N. Morfopoulos, M. C. Samolada
Effect of waste derived fuels (SRF/RDF) composition on the cement industry environmental footprint – PDF
16.15-16.30 B.J.A. Sousa, F.S. Novaes, L.M. Queiroz, V.M. Zanta
Production and co-processing of Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) in the Brazilian Portland cement industry: technical, economic and environmental aspects – PDF
16.30-16.45 D. Urboncl, D. Goricanc, M. Simonic
The adsorption properties of torrefied waste materials – PDF
16.45-17.00 Xueli Chen, Zichao Hu
Investigation of pyrolysis characteristics and gasification activity of municipal solid waste briquettes: A comparative study – PDF
17.00-17.15 A. Valsami, V. Karamplia, E.M. Barampouti, S. Mai, M. Loizidou
Utilizing Cotton Pulp from Baby Diapers for Bioethanol Production – PDF
17.15-17.30 R. Hrichi, M. Seffen, A. Kesraoui
Elaboration of hybrid materials Posidonia Oceanica-Zinc using precipitation and alternating current for wastewater purification – PDF
17.30-17.45 S. Bouzaabia, R. Touati, A. Kesraoui
Functionalizing pure Luffa cylindrica with quaternary ammonium salts and examining the biosorption of industrial dyes – PDF
17.45-18.00 G. Lisak, A.W.K. Law, W.P. Chan, L.Y. Ge, A. Veksha, W.Q. Chen, X. Yang, S.C. Wong, Z. Tsakadze, C.W. Low, R. Aryal, C.J.L. Foo, K. Zhao, C.W. Mao, J.L. Guo, G. Soon, H.L. Trinh, R. Silva, H.M. Ong
Thermo-Disintegration Waste to Resource (TDWR) system as a decentralised, flexible, and value-adding waste management strategy for a zero waste sustainable city – PDF
18.00-18.15 A. M. Tusset, G. Gonçalves, R. A. da Rosa, D. I. Andrade, M. E. K. Fuziki
Temperature control of a bioreactor subject to external temperature oscillations – PDF
18.15-18.30 R.P. Ipiales, M.A. de la Rubia, E. Díaz, A.F. Mohedano
Improving hydrochar properties from hydrothermal carbonization of swine manure by recirculation of process water – PDF
18.30-18.45 F. Baraka, X. Erdocia, F. Hernández Ramos, I. Dávila-Rodríguez, J. Labidi
Sustainable extraction of cellulose nanofibers using deep eutectic solvent – PDF
18.45-19.00 N. Striūgas, R. Skvorčinskienė, A. Tamošiūnas
Sustainable glass production with hybrid plasma-assisted combustion technology – PDF
19.00-19.15 G. Prajapati, S. Kumar
Oxy-steam gasification of biomass for hydrogen-rich syngas production – PDF
19.15-19.30 Anuradha A, M. Kumar Sampath
Synergistic Co-culture of Bacillus subtilis and Clostridium sporogenes for Enhanced Biobutanol Production: A Sustainable Approach to Biofuel Synthesis – PDF
19.30-20.00 Closing Session with the active participation of chair persons – Poster award ceremony – Announcement of the place for the 2025 12th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management – PDF
Waste Valorisation V
Chair: K. Lasaridi, G. Banias, E. Barampouti, D. Ladakis
15.00-15.15 E. Sigala, K. Abelotlis, C. Chroni, S. Fortatos, K.E. Lasaridi
Assessing Food Waste generation and prevention in passenger ships in the Aegean sea – PDF
15.15-15.30 M. Fiore, F. Demichelis, T. Tommasi, M. Pugliese, D. Fino
Preliminary results on food waste valorization into soil organic amendments and their agronomic effects – PDF
15.30-15.45 M. Samoraj, D. Skrzypczak, M. Mironiuk, K. Chojnacka
Innovative complex and ecological fertilizers based on waste biomass – PDF
15.45-16.00 D. Skrzypczak, K. Trzaska, F. Gil, K. Chojnacka
Field demonstration of fertilizers derived from anaerobic digestates: applicative properties on plants – PDF
16.00-16.15 G. Izydorczyk, D. Skrzypczak, K. Trzaska, M. Mironiuk, K. Chojnacka
Impact of feeding animals with corn grain from anaerobic digestate-based fertilizer trials on egg, milk, and cheese quality – PDF
16.15-16.30 C. Papageorgiou, A. Kyriakis, A. Zentelis, V. Ioannidis, V. Sygouni, A. Lianou, C.A. Paraskeva, G. Aggelis
Isolation of phenolic substances from pomegranate residues – PDF
16.30-16.45 N. Lyczko
Bio-based sustainable nanocomposite for pollutants removal – PDF
16.45-17.00 T. Nguyen Luu Minh, D. Manhaeghe, G. Bernaert, J. Hogie, M. Clarembeau, K. M. Van Geem, S. De Meester
Competitive and cooperative adsorption of heteroatom components from pyrolysis oil – PDF
17.00-17.15 R.P. Ipiales, M.A. de la Rubia, E. Díaz-Portuondo, E. Díaz, A.F. Mohedano
Valorization of swine manure by hydrothermal carbonization – PDF
17.15-17.30 M.J. Lozano-Polo, J.G. Salcedo-Mendoza, D. Otero-Meza, J.C. Solarte-Toro, C.A. Cardona-Alzate
Residual biomass and bio-oil generation potential based on prediction models: the case of ‘The pyrolysis of cassava waste in Colombia’ – PDF
17.30-17.45 E. Koutsafitis, P. F. Chatzimaliakas, E.M. Barampouti, S. Mai, D. Malamis
Pretreatment methods for the production of fermentable sugars from algal dried biomass – PDF
17.45-18.00 Y. Gökçe, H. Duman, A.E. Kök, S. Yaglikci, E. Yagmur
Evaluation of EVA foam wastes from solar panel manufacturing processes in energy – PDF
18.00-18.15 J. C. Solarte-Toro, J. Salcedo Mendoza, C. A. Cardona Alzate
Assessing biomass gasification as a pillar for decentralized energy generation and potential soil quality enhancement – PDF
18.15-18.30 Y. Yaque, L. Quintana, P. Álvarez, U. Sierra, Z. González, M. Granda, B. Ruiz, A. Mercado, R. Menéndez
On the sustainable synthesis of graphene-like materials from wastes for electrochemical sensing – PDF
18.30-18.45 M. Portilla-Sangabriel, R.-M. Ramírez-Zamora
Copper slag as a source of iron for the synthesis of a magnetically recoverable catalyst used to degrade organic pollutants in water – PDF
18.45-19.00 K. Valencia García, R. M. Ramírez Zamora
Copper metallurgical slag as a sustainable precursor of iron oxide photocatalysts to remove indigo carmine dye from water using the Photo-Fenton process – PDF
19.00-19.15 N. Waris, M. Coletta, M. Monticelli, G. Caprioli, M. Cespi, E. Vittadini, A. La Terza
Valorization of Nannochloropsis spp. biomass residues grown on brewery wastewater as a fertilizer and its phytotoxicity assessment on plants – PDF
19.15-19.30 J. Menkelünienė, R. Jonynas
Research on improving the technological parameters of industrial heat tube boilers by intensifying heat transfer by radiation – PDF
Waste from electrical & electronic equipment, Hazardous Waste
Chair: G. Mancini, A. Luciano, N. Frison, S. De Gisi
15.00-15.15 J. Snyman, J. Snyman, C. Stander
Circular Economy Model for e-waste in South Africa – PDF
15.15-15.30 A. Fiorente, G. D’Agostino, F. Todaro, S. De Gisi, M. Notarnicola
Innovative techniques for plastics recovery from WEEE – PDF
15.30-15.45 L. Nastasi, S. Fiore
Remanufacturing of electronic control units for off-road vehicles: process analysis and sustainability assessment – PDF
15.45-16.00 H. Muñiz Sierra, M. Šyc, A. Šperlich, J. McCulloch
Selective recovery of plastics from WEEE treatment residue using LARCODEMS Dense Media Separator – PDF
16.00-16.15 M. Šyc, H. Muniz, E. Korotenko, V. Gruber, A. Šperlich
Possibilities for the concentration of silver in the recycling of photovoltaic panels – PDF
16.15-16.30 S. Khan, H. Khan, I. Janajreh
Co-gasification of E-waste with Sewage Sludge for Hydrogen Production – PDF
16.30-16.45 Zhiqin Ni, Hing Kai Chai, Yang Cheng, Zhen Tan
Using a hierarchical optimisation model for WEEE recovery under independent producer responsibility: evidence from multiple functional copier recovery operation – PDF
16.45-17.00 L. Lalropuia, K. Meriläinen, K. Kremser, G.M. Guebitz
Bio-extraction of critical raw materials (CRMs) from spent lithium-ion batteries – PDF
17.00-17.15 P. Guedes, N. Couto, E. P. Mateus, A. N. Alshawabkeh, S. Pamukcu, A. B. Ribeiro
Electrochemically based processes for critical raw materials recovery: the case of Co and REEs – PDF
17.15-17.30 M. Bruno, A. Zanoletti, E. Bontempi, S. Fiore
Hydrometallurgical recycling of cobalt, manganese and nickel from lithium-ion batteries black mass through ascorbic acid leaching and chemical precipitation – PDF
17.30-17.45 H. I. Gomes, L. Vitale, V. Funari
Recovering Platinum group elements from spent car catalysts by combining bioleaching and electrodialysis – PDF
17.45-18.00 J. Alijagić, R. Šajn
Mine waste and mineral potentIal of REE in the West Balkan countries – PDF
18.00-18.15 G. Bonifazi, G. Capobianco, R. Gasbarrone, I. Lonigro, S. Malinconico, S. Bellagamba, S. Serranti
Short-Wave InfraRed Spectroscopy techniques for in-situ discrimination of hazardous mineral fibers in natural and anthropic matrices – PDF
18.15-18.30 S. Ozgen, A. Marquez, M. Leon, G. Barba Orsato, F. Ruiz
Data-driven approaches for flue gas treatment enhancement in waste to energy plants: modelling hydrochloric acid abatement – PDF
18.30-18.45 Yi Fu Chen, Minh Man Trinh, Pao-Chen, Hung, Moo Been Chang
Catalytic Pyrolysis for Reducing Dioxin Content in Fly Ash Generated from Municipal Waste Incinerators – PDF
18.45-19.00 B. Ratz, K. P. Sedlaczek, S. Raić, F. R. Steindl, O. Rudic, C. Grengg
Characterization of mineral waste as potential precursors for alkali-activated materials – PDF
19.00-19.15 Mandeep Singh, Muntjeer Ali, V. Kumar Tyagi, A. Ahmad Kazmi
Characterization of legacy waste, screened fractions and performance efficiency of screening machines at three landfill mining
sites – PDF
19.15-19.30 S. Paliya, A. Mandpe, S. Kumar
Environmental Assessment of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) Contamination in Indian Municipal Waste Sites and Potential Remediation Using Indigenously Isolated Bacteria – PDF
Energy from Waste II & Anaerobic Digestion, WEEE
Chair: D. Juchelková, F. Battista, G. Labuto, T.Y. Wu, C.T. Lee
15.00-15.15 K. Kalkanis, A. Bourtstalas, N.J. Themelis, C.S. Psomopoulos
Waste-to-Energy global status. Technologies and perspectives in times of transition and climate crisis
15.15-15.25 T. Qureshi, M. Farooq, A. Nizami, U. Ali, M.H. Siddiqi
Enhancing Sustainability: Structural Evaluation of Biomass Cellulosic Matrix for Optimized Conversion – PDF
15.25-15.35 Xiao-Meng Xun, Zi-Xuan Yuan, Yang Liu, Yan Xu, Le-Yun Yang, Jun Wang
Immobilized enzymatic preparation of antioxidant peptides from silk fibroin protein and development of edible products – PDF
15.35-15.45 M. Farooq, T. Qureshi, A. S. Nizami, A. Pettaniu, U. Ali, M.H. Siddiqi, J. M. Andersen
Analysing Acidified Biomass Cracking through Thermal Degradation for Sustainable Development – PDF
15.45-16.00 M.A.M. Costa, G. Albini, A.J.D. Souza, E.A. Oliveira, L.F. Oliveira, A. Sarti, K.J. Dussan
Waste for energy production: monitoring and controlling pollutant emissions – PDF
16.00-16.15 J. Gracia, I. Cabeza
Assessing the potential for industrial-scale production of polyhydroxybutyrate -PHB – using mixed cultures from renewable sources through simulation – PDF
16.15-16.30 Yi-Bo Sun, Min Lin, Wei Qiao
Process Stability and Organic Matter Conversion Performance of a Semi-dry Anaerobic Digestion of Pig Manure – PDF
16.30-16.45 R. Amiri, V. Benedetti, M. Baratieri
Integration of anaerobic digestion with hydrothermal carbonization and gasification for the valorization of organic waste – PDF
16.45-17.00 A. Shabruhi Mishamandani, F. Asfand, G. Javanbakht, J. Allport, G. Campbell
Techno-economic analysis and optimization of the integrated system of anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis – PDF
17.00-17.15 A. Malamakis, D. Geroliosios, L. Melas, C. Karkanias, G. Banias
The environmental impact of increased traceability in the value chain of beef within the area of Central Macedonia
17.15-17.30 O. Zboon, J. Martín-Pascual, M. Zamorano-Toro, L.M. Ruiz-Hernández
Bibliometric analysis of the use of black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) for organic waste treatment – PDF
17.30-17.45 Ankur Rajpal, V. Kumar Tyagi, P. Kumar Mutiyar, A. Ahmad Kazmi
Evaluation of sewage sludge quality and sludge treatment technologies for the reutilization potential in India – PDF
17.45-18.00 A. Eljoudiani, C. Hoffmann Sampaio, J. Oliva Moncunill
Systematic characterization of a mining waste of a Greek ore deposit, for critical metals recovery – PDF
18.00-18.15 H. Raclaská, J. Růžičková, M. Kucbel, M. Šafář, D. Juchelková, B. Švédoá, K. Slamová
Quality of fibres obtained from waste paper from the perspective of the circular economy – PDF
18.15-18.30 M. Pourmohammad, J. Oliva, H. Anticoi, P. Alfonso, C. Hoffmann, C. Valderrama
Physical beneficiation approach of Graphite, Lithium and other metals from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste (WEEE) by Mineral processing techniques – PDF
18.30-18.45 M. S. Ahossouhe, H. A. Andrianisa, D. D. Damba, K. Dongo, S. Narra
The WEEE Value Chain in Low-Income Countries in West Africa: State of the Art and Future Perspectives – PDF
18.45-19.00 H. Raclaská, J. Růžičková, M. Kucbel, D. Juchelková, B. Švédoá, K. Slamová
Identification of the extent of traffic pollution near the main transport corridor TEN-T route Ústí nad Labem – Mělník – Zdiby, Czech Republic – PDF
19.00-19.15 Cheng-Hai Yan, Yu-Fan Zhan, Xiao-Meng Xun, Lu-Chan Gong, Shuai You, Jun Wang
Roles of CsgD in transcription regulation of the stress responses in the Escherichia coli
19.15-19.30 H. A. Andrianisa, S. K. Sossou, M. Zorom, L. Nare, S. M. Ahossouhe, A. Sanou
An alternative classification approach for waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) valorization in low-income countries: case study in Burkina Faso

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